Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Careful What You Wish For

This morning I was frustrated that I couldn't think of a single thing to post. For the second day in a row. Other than begging for more compliments.

But the Fates intervened on my behalf---in the form of a speeding ticket. I got pulled over on my way home from lunch. I apparently/allegedly was doing 45 in a 30 zone. Oops. Now I had noticed that the Austin PD was ramping up its speed enforcement in my neighborhood. About a week ago, one of speed reader signs went up. You know, the ones that flash how fast you are going. And today a cop was sitting on his motorcycle. And he got me.

And, of course, it became an everything-goes-wrong-at-once moment. My driver's side window decided that it was no longer going to work. I didn't have my current insurance card in the car. I was half expecting that a kilo of cocaine would pop out from under the seat and I would discover that a drug cartel was using my car as a mule.

Fortunately, the police officer was very nice (and I do think that most of them are nice people and are simply doing their jobs). He knocked five mph off my speed so that I'd fall in the lowest infraction level and he gave me a pass on the insurance (which I really do have and I realized after I had pulled away that I had a bill in my purse that would have proved my current insurance).

So I guess I'll be spending my weekend watching the Defensive Driving DVD---which I had been meaning to do anyway because it would save me a little on my insurance---and taking my car to the shop to fix the unworky window. Please let it be still under warranty!

I guess I was due. My first speeding ticket and I'm almost 30. It's my second ticket in Austin; the first was a parking ticket that I got at the library when I parked in a metered spot 5 minutes before the "free parking" time and didn't have a quarter. My third ticket overall. My very first was when I was 25 and rear-ended another car.

And at least I have something to write about!


At 2:21 PM , Blogger LostInTX said...

Plead no contest and ask for deferred adjudication. This way you'll take defensive driving and as long as you don't get another ticket w/in 60 days it won't go on your record! Bad part is you still have to pay court costs but not the entire amount of the ticket (don't quote me.. it's been a while).

At 2:30 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

The cop who gave me the ticket said that I just had to take the defensive driving course and take my certficate of completion or whatever to the court clerk before my court date. Then I don't have to see a judge and the ticket goes poof!

At 3:29 PM , Blogger Lora said...

I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in since I lived in Rochester. However, I do have a tendancy to roll stop signs and got nabbed on one just months after moving to Austin. I did the DD on-line class and it really wasn't that bad.

Nothing to blog about? I can't imagine.

At 6:51 PM , Blogger Mike said...

Hmmm, haven't had a ticket since 5/96. Got pulled over for 92 in a 65 in October but got a warning. Prior service int military goes a long way. I've found as long as you're polite they cut you some slack. And DD was a blast last time I did it. We had a great instructor and a fun class.

At 10:33 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

i got a ticket really close to my 17th or 18th birthday...can't remember which...the heartlessness of it all!

At 9:22 AM , Blogger Frema said...

I had two speeding tickets by the time I was 21. I got my car when I was 20. Congratulations on showing better self control than I have on the road. :)


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