Friday, December 16, 2005

Weekend Plans: Holiday Countdown

If I don’t develop acute arthritis after this weekend, it will truly be a Christmas miracle. One week left to finish all the projects.

Not sure yet. I was scheduled to have my very first ever blogger encounter with LostInTexas, but she’s not feeling well, so that’s up in the air. If we do get together, we’ll be going to see The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe while sipping sangria and noshing on greasy food. If we don’t get together, I’ll take Rowen for a quick walk and then be home with a pile of DVDs and my knitting. I finally finished the body of Scarf 1; I just need to cast off and add the fringe.

* Taking the car in for maintenance---fluids checked and changed, filters replaced, wipers replaced, tires re-inflated.
* Taking Rowen in for maintenance---bath, tooth brushing, nail clipping.
* Taking Rowen to see Santa. Check for pictures on Monday.
* Taking Rowen to obedience class.
* Taking myself home for an evening of knitting and DVDs. I was invited to a party but it’s the same situation that I’ve written about before where I only ever hear from the person when she’s having a huge party and inviting everyone in her address book and I barely know any of the other people and it’s just awkward because I obviously am not part of any of the groupings, so I’m going to skip it.

* Going for a run. I hope. My back is still acting up. I might do elliptical instead, although I miss running.
* Taking Rowen to the dog park so she can undo all the good from her bath the day before.
* Watching DVDs and knitting, knitting, knitting. Maybe taking a break to cross-stitch.


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