Monday, December 12, 2005

Progress Report

I was doing so well on my detox. I was eating healthy, wholesome home-cooked meals chocked full of goodness (sweet potato and black bean chili served on corn bread; veggie Sloppy Joe with spelt biscuits; pumpkin polenta with spinach and white beans). I had switched to spelt bread, because it’s supposed to be healthier than wheat (higher in fiber and B-vitamins, yet still very yummy). I was snacking on organic, unsalted nuts instead of M&Ms and potato chips. I still wasn’t doing great about getting fresh fruits and veggies into my diet, but I was improving.

And I was actually feeling a lot better. On the side of TMI, my digestive system was never happier (that spelt is like a scrub brush for my intestines). My energy level was still on the low side, but it had evened out---no more rollercoaster days. My skin was clearing up, and I was less irritable. Best yet, by this past Friday, I had lost five pounds.

But the winter weather hit and things started to fall apart. On Wednesday night, I was cold and tired and just wanted a hot cup of tea, so I made myself some Earl Grey (organic decaf) and put in a couple spoons of sugar (refined white). Then on Thursday, the weather was frightful: icy, gray, and windy. So I made myself several more cups of tea, each with sugar. And just that little bit of sugar sent my cravings into overdrive. Fortunately, I couldn’t go anywhere to get a fix and I managed to resist the cookie dough sitting in the freezer. I couldn’t, however, resist a big bowl of refined carbs in the form of bow-tie pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella and dripping with olive oil. Friday morning, I thought I was back on the wagon, but then I didn’t get lunch until late (3 p.m.; mixed greens salad with shredded zucchini and carrots, topped with canned tuna and balsamic vinaigrette). So I was tired and cranky in the afternoon. By dinner, I wanted comfort food in a big way and I was out of all my home-cooked goodies. So I made myself scrambled eggs and toast. In themselves, not so bad, but I can’t eat plain scrambled eggs, so I added ketchup. A whole lot of ketchup. Heinz ketchup. Full of sugar and additives and all the sorts of things I’ve been trying to eliminate from my diet. Plus another cup of tea with sugar. (And, really, scrambled eggs on toast with tea for Friday dinner in front of the telly---I should just move to England and officially register as a spinster.)

By Saturday, I was officially off the wagon. Frosted flakes (organic, at least) for brunch; half of an individual-sized pumpkin parfait (with chocolate chips!) for a late afternoon snack; one third of a crème brulee for pre-dinner dessert; corn-and-cheese tamales, fried catfish, and french fries for dinner. Sunday wasn’t any better: skipped breakfast; had a Greek veggie platter for lunch (baba ganooj, rice pilaf, tabouleh, falafel, and a spinach pocket); picked up salmon stuffed with crab, asparagus, and a lemon risotto patty for dinner, with the leftover parfait for dessert. Better than how I normally eat---I stuck to smaller portions and avoided the fast-food places---but definitely not on the detox plan.

This morning I felt bloated, constipated, heavy---I knew I had done wrong. And the scale showed it. Back up 2 lbs.

Now, before you comment, I don’t intend to stay on the detox forever. I do hope that parts of it will stick (e.g., staying off caffeine, eating more whole foods), but I’m not willing to give up foods I love forever (e.g., ice cream, cookies, pasta). But I’m on a time crunch to get back into a size 12 by Christmas. That’s looking less and less likely by the day. Doesn’t help that I haven’t been to the gym much in the past two weeks. And won’t be able to go much in the next two weeks.

Today I’m climbing back on the wagon. I’m starting out from a better place: I haven’t gone back to the caffeine and, although the sugar I did consume set off cravings, I didn’t consume nearly as much sugar as I normally would in a weekend so I don’t expect to have much withdrawal.

All in all: 3-lb net loss, some major eater’s regret, and a big craving for a soda and a veggie burger sub loaded with mayo, mustard, and cheese. Or maybe deep-dish pizza with extra cheese. Or a veggie dog loaded with veggie chili and cheese and a side of tots.


At 12:33 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

The sweet potato black bean chili sounds good ;) Good luck with your goal! Sugar is such a villain in terms of cravings.

At 6:11 AM , Blogger LostInTX said...

I feel your pain sista', I've been trying to get back down to a size 8 forever but decided to settle for a 10. Hmm... still working on that one. I just cut the little 12 out of my pants. Heh-heh... Don't feel guilty about it b/c that will just make things worse. I've never really belived you should cut things out totally if you really love them. When I did the Body for Life diet I liked the fact that you maintained healthful eating during the week but were allowed 1, only 1, day to eath WHATEVER you wanted. Hooray for that! :) PS, Have you tried Splenda? I normally like to use pure cane sugar (just b/c it isn't refined) but I find that Splenda comes pretty close to satisfaction for me.

At 10:41 AM , Blogger Frema said...

That Body for Life diet sounds OK by me! When I was on Weight Watchers, I did the same kind of thing--tried to be good during the week and kind of let things go a little on the weekends.

I continue to wish you good luck.


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