Friday, December 09, 2005

Weekend Plans: The Half-Day Edition

I was going to give you an update on the detox, but that will have to wait until Monday. I’m working a half day today, leaving in an hour to have another interview for grad school, and a printer’s proof just plopped on my desk and everything is a little topsy-turvy because the office was closed yesterday due to ice.

* Interview at UT
* Gym. I will, I will, I will get my lazy, wimpy butt to the gym. I will.
* DVDs and books in front of a semi-warm fire.

* Gym again. Goal assessment time. Bah.
* Mucho Rowen time: a walk, the vet for vaccinations, and obedience class.
* Trail of Lights 5K run/walk. And it will probably be mostly a walk.

* Gym. This time for a real run.
* Making up hours for work and finishing the overtime project.
* DVDs.
* Knitting.
* Finishing my personal statement for UT.
* Getting ready for a crazy busy week ahead.

More over the weekend or Monday when I can catch my breath.


At 9:50 AM , Blogger LostInTX said...

I've been meaning to ask you what gym you are going to? I go to premiere lady fitness. How weird would it be if we went to the same gym? Well, it would be weird if I was actually going.. ha-ha. Haven't been in like a month but first thing when I get back from Mexico I'll be going back.

At 1:01 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

Lost, I didn't know you were going to Mexico!

Lisa, good luck with your interview! I hope obedience school is working out for Rowen (though she looks like a sweetie who doesn't need it). My brother's dog (a standard poodle, for Pete's sake) is super-aggressive even though she has "graduated" from obedience school. I guess some dogs take to it more than others. My sister's dog is in obedience school, too.

At 6:01 AM , Blogger Liz said...

We sent Alex to a puppy boot camp at his kennel out in the country. They did a great job. But I've noticed that he's much more obedient when there's a treat in the vicinity. Funny how that works...

At 6:50 AM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

Hehe, we are all like that :)

At 7:30 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

Rowen is perfectly obedient when we're in the apartment and I have a treat in my hand. But when we are anywhere else, she's not interested in me or the treats.

But she's getting better.


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