Thursday, December 01, 2005

Running Report: Weeks 12 and 13

My lack of reliable Internet at home meant that I missed posting this last week so you get a twofer.

Week 12
Friday: Despite tremendous internal forces pushing me toward a comfy chair in front of a DVD, I went to the gym. 2 min/3 min walk-run intervals at the usual pace (15 min walk; 12 min run) for 30 minutes. Then I was so proud of myself that I skipped the gym on Sunday AND Monday.
Wednesday: Pre-emptive T-day guilt led me to gym. 2 min/3 min walk-run intervals; usual pace.

Week 13
Friday: Post-Thanksgiving guilt and a misguided belief that everyone one else would still be in bed at 8.30 a.m. on the day after Thanksgiving sent me back to a bustling gym. This time I went for distance instead of time. 2 min/3 min walk-run intervals for a 5k (3.1 miles), which took about 40 minutes. Which is very sad indeed.
Sunday: I meant to go. I really, really did. I even got dressed to go to the gym. But I was suddenly struck with inertia at the thought of having more than one thing to do in a day. So I took a long walk with Rowen instead.
Monday: Bumped to the next level---2 min/4 min walk-run intervals at the usual pace. Tougher than the transition from 3/2 to 2/3. Especially the math part.
Wednesday: Again, I really meant to go. But as I was taking Rowen out after dinner, I felt shooting pains down my left leg again and the right side of my lower back got twitchy, so I stuck the heating pad in the microwave and watched Homicide instead.

Also still doing the 8 minutes in the morning. I think I might be getting stronger. Push ups have gone from hurting like a m-f-ing g*&d#*$ b!tch to hurting like hell on fire. Woohoo!


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