Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Resolution Report

I thought I’d check in at the one month point to see how I’m doing with my resolutions. To track my progress, I’ve given myself a grade for each resolution.

Get back into a size 8. Well, at the rate I’m going, 8 may be a factor of my size. Or a digit in my size. My sugar cravings have been massive and unending, whereas my gym habits have been sporadic. But at least I’ve stopped gaining weight. And I have gone to a couple spinning classes and some personal training sessions. Grade: C-

Run a half marathon. Does it have to be all at once? Could I do it one mile per week for 13 weeks? Yeah, so not making any progress on this one. Grade: F

Be more social. Finally---one I’m actually doing okay with, largely due to my blog buddies. Thanks, ya’ll! Grade: B+

Volunteer more often. With the exception of the church committee from hell, I haven’t volunteered a single hour this past month. I did submit an application to the library but haven’t heard back. I signed up to sort books for a book sale---and then bailed. Perhaps this will be a good Lenten resolution. 40 hours of volunteering in 40 days? Grade: D

Finish the first draft of a novel. True confession: I haven’t written anything in months other than my blog entries. And my applications for grad school. It’s not even writer’s block; it’s fear and laziness. Grade: F

Live within a budget. I haven’t pulled out the credit cards this month. But I also had some Christmas money and an extra paycheck this month, both of which seemed to have found their way out of my checking account. So as much as I’d like to give myself credit for this one, I really can’t. Grade: C

Pay my bills on time. I did this one! I did this one! Grade: A

Improve my work ethic. Ummm . . . . . not so much. Grade: F

Improve my cooking skills. I made a very tasty eggplant parmesan and managed to get it, pasta, and salad onto a plate simultaneously without anything getting cold or overdone. I also tried making steamed veggies and fish with a side of rosemary potatoes but had considerably less success. The potatoes were done way too far ahead of time and the veggies got soft while waiting for the fish to steam and then the fish and veggies weren’t very tasty. Other than those two attempts, I've mostly been living on prefab food this month. Grade: B-

Refresh my French skills. Again, not so much. Grade: F

Don’t buy any books. So far, so good! Grade: A+.

In Summary: Out of 11 resolutions, I’ve stuck to 3.5 in the first month.
Average Grade: C

Onward to February!


At 2:19 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

whew, that's a lot of resolutions! sadly, i've been buying *more* books this year...i've got to stop! too many bookstores in airports.

At 3:56 PM , Blogger Frema said...

A lot of people don't like to make resolutions because they think it's an unrealistic way to achieve goals. I say that they're inspiring; any progress made should be celebrated, since many people don't make any goals at all. So I guess what I'm saying is, you go, girl!

At 9:25 AM , Blogger Liz said...

The only goal I've made consistently over the past three years is to increase my physical flexibility by stretching more and attending yoga classes at my gym.

Grade: Is Z an option?

At 9:40 PM , Blogger Lora said...

11 resolutions! Here's my take on things. If you have 11 goals focus on one thing big change at a time and then after you have made that into a habit move on to the next thing on the list. That was you feel inspired and like you are making contining positive changes in your life. Of course, it works great in theory. Congrats on the goals you have accomplished.


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