Friday, January 27, 2006

Weekend Plans: The Great Austin Blogger Encounter

We have a great group of bloggers gathering in Austin this weekend: Bearette24, Bdogg, New Mezger, LostInTexas, Crystal, and Lora (as well as some significant others). I so excited to meet everyone---although apparently a little nervous as well. I had a dream last night that involved all of you and Chris Klein as a sociopathic serial killer.

Friday Evening
I should go spinning. But I’m not gonna. If I do make it to the gym, it’ll be to run. But more likely, I’m going to ditch work early to go to the Container Store for more storage drawers so I can finish organizing my craft area. I started last night. I’m lusting after the pretty, pretty craft room on the CS Web site (except with a big, long table instead of the little round one), but I’ll settle for moving stuff out of cardboard boxes and off the floor and into some semblance of neatness. When I get home, I’ll take Rowen for a walk if it isn’t raining. Then I’ll try to get my apartment into a somewhat livable condition because I’m feeling very home-ecish. I’ll end the evening in my traditional way: knitting and DVDs.

* Yoga with Bearette. I haven’t been to yoga class in months, so I made Bearette swear a solemn oath not to laugh at me.
* Dog park with Rowen, Bearette, and New Mezger. If it isn’t raining. We haven’t had rain in Austin in about 20 years, so of course it rains the weekend that ya’ll are coming.
* Dinner with the whole gang!

* Recovering from the revelry.
* Regretting telling that story and wondering who will put it on her blog.
* Running and weights at the gym.
* Reading.
* Wrecking my newly organized craft area by doing some crafts. I think I might experiment with some more book making.


At 1:31 PM , Blogger Liz said...

Have fun, all! Take lots of pictures. ;-)

At 3:10 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

hehe...i wonder what that story will be?

what a dream!


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