Friday, November 04, 2005

Weekend Plans

Four hours until the weekend! Today would have been such a great day to play hooky, but I have very limited vacation time and I’m sure that The Bride will be claiming all of it.

* A nap. I’m so dragging today. Not sure why.
* Gym. Probably running because my arms are very sore from the 8 Minutes workouts and I don’t think they could handle Naomi’s Yoga on Steroids.
* DVDs. I have an excellent selection for this weekend: Alias, Season 4, Disc 2; Gilmore Girls, Season 3, Disc 1; Homicide, Seasons 1&2, Volume 2; and Fame!, Season 1, Disc 1. I plan to play the title sequence of Fame! over and over while dancing on my furniture until my neighbors puncture their ear drums or call the Nice Men in White Coats. Or both. Oh, and how excited was I to discover that Coco is on Veronica Mars (which I just finished the first season of on DVD and loved and now I’m really reconsidering this whole not having a television thing).
* Knitting. I’ve fallen behind schedule on the afghan, in part because the stitches slipped off the needle when I had two sections of the third panel done and I had to rip the whole thing up and start over and now there’s a big boo-boo where the color change happens in the middle of a row instead of at the beginning.

* McKinney Falls for a walk with Rowen.
* Studying for the GRE. I mistakenly thought my GRE was today; it’s a week from today. So I have one more week to cram all the rules on exponents and averages and quadratic equations into my itty bitty brain.
* Writing: application essays, a review of Goodnight Nobody, an op-ed. All of these need written tout suite. Related: The diocesan newspaper finally published an op-ed I wrote on Hurricane Katrina. Yay!
* Cutting paper. I’ve made two journal covers (with varying degrees of success) and now I need to cut the paper down to size to fill them.

* Gym. I hope. I think this is going to be a busy day.
* Dog park.
* Art from the Streets.
* More writing.
* Church.
* Post-church meeting to plan for a Hunger Banquet. I am not looking forward to this. Mostly because we don’t even have a reason to meet. And because the person who runs the meetings goes off on very long tangents. I appreciate her enthusiasm for social justice, but she really needs a lesson on how to run a meeting. I want to be involved, but these endless, pointless meetings are really turning me off to the whole thing.


At 12:22 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

That's awful about the long-winded person at the meeting. I know what that's like.


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