Wednesday, November 02, 2005

On the Pile

I seriously need professional help. And possibly strong medication. I went to the library last night to return two overdue books and pick up two reserved books that had come in, and as I was checking out, the library volunteer looked at her screen, arched a brow at me, and said "You know that you have 12 books out" in the same tone of voice that a bartendar would say to a drunk, "Are you sure you want another?"

And, actually, I have 14 books checked out from the library:

Awake at Work by M. Carroll
The Power of Intention by W. W. Dyer
Collapse by J. M. Diamond
Paradise by A. L. Kennedy
Invisible Acts of Power by C. M. Myss
Perfect Health by D. Chopra
Ayurveda: A Life in Balance by M. Tiwari
Wicked by G. Maguire
Lolita by V. Nabokov
Intuitive Eating by E. Tribole
8 Minutes in the Morning by J. Cruise
Case Histories by K. Atkinson

And just added yesterday:

Affluenza by John DeGraaf
Writing With Intent by Margaret Atwood

Wicked is due back on Friday, and I'm not even a quarter of the way through (although I am enjoying it, even if it is hard to keep some of the details straight---where is Gillkin again?). I read bits of it aloud to Rowen before we turn off the lights.

Oh well, I'll have to write down where I stopped and rerequest it . . . I wonder if there are 12-step meetings for book addicts.


At 7:46 AM , Blogger Angel said...

I don't read fast enough to get books from the takes me forever to read a basic-sized book, unless it's a real page-turner.

So I gave up on the library years ago - I still have books I checked out, back in highschool. I'd lost 'em, forgotten about 'em, then found them a couple of years later. Oops. Good thing I never went back to that library.

- Rev_Sapphire (a fellow Austin-ite)

At 8:17 AM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

Reading to cute! I liked Wicked, though I couldn't get through Son of a Witch, unfortunately. I have 5 books out from the library ;)

At 9:44 AM , Blogger bdogg_mcgee said...

I know what you mean. I have 14 out right the ones I bought at B&N last week.

At 10:28 AM , Blogger Frema said...

When it comes to books, I always forget about the library. I love the library and think everyone should go to the library, but I've never been to the one in my area and am a little nervous to go. Isn't that silly?

I hope Liz doesn't read this comment.... :)

At 12:23 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Hi Rev_Sapphire! Welcome to the bunch!

Frema---I tend to forget about the library, too. My first instinct always is to buy the book. But I'm trying to be better about going to the library.

Unfortunately, I have total ADD when it comes to books, so I can never seem to finish them before they are due back.

At 12:49 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

I used to be nervous about going, too. But once you get into the habit, it's fine. They won't bite ;) Also, you can reserve books online with a lot of libraries, which is cool.

At 1:47 PM , Blogger bdogg_mcgee said...

Yes, libraries ROCK!

And another thing I found out (which my MIL told me about since she works for the public library I go to): you can request a book from any library across the country. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

At 2:06 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

The online request is what has gotten me into so much trouble!

At 5:14 PM , Blogger Liz said...

Online request and Interlibrary Loan rules!

Frema-- do it, baby! You've got PRADA on your side! No librarian can intimidate you now. ;-)

And for the record, I would never make comments about how many books a patron had checked out. I only wish Lisa lived in this area again, to boost out libraries usage stats! ;-)

At 7:12 AM , Blogger Angel said...

Thanks Lisa...I was random blog reading when I stumbled onto yours, and figured "what the Heck...I'll throw my two cents in".

I wish I had the time to read like I used to.

- Rev_Sapphire


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