Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Random Thoughts

To fill the time and the space . . .

* Which do I want more: M&Ms or a waistline?

* I finally made a wishlist on Amazon to help my family with Christmas gift ideas. I'm not happy about it. Because I can't help thinking that it is sad when my parents, sister, and I know each other so little that we can't figure out what one another would like for Christmas. Even so, I've been checking the wishlist every day to see if any of the items on it have been bought.

* I set up a "store" on Etsy.com to sell some of the journals that I've made. I check that every day to see how many people have looked at the journals. No one has bought any.

* I don't want to do any work this week, but avoiding the work is just making the time go by that much slower.

* I'm thinking about trying a detox diet. Thoughts? Recommendations?


At 3:33 PM , Blogger LostInTX said...

I've thought about a detox diet too..something about lots of soup and cabbage??? Lemme know what you come up with.

At 5:11 PM , Blogger bdogg_mcgee said...

I actually read one in a book I checked out from the library, but I can't remember what it is. I think I copied it though, and will e-mail you the scan if you want!!!

At 8:30 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

Of course I want to see the wish list :) I love looking at other people's wish lists.

At 5:10 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

Bdogg---Please do, if you find it. My e-mail is lisa@wanderingpen.com.

And TIT---E-mail me about tomorrow if you are still up for brunch.


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