Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm Cranky

This week has not had a good start.

I was already cranky from Friday and Saturday because I had to break up with my imaginary boyfriend (cheating I could maybe forgive, but repeated fugly fashion and a quasi-mullet are just too much) and because the Netflix DVDs hadn't arrived yet. I'm really, really getting tired of the slowdown at Netflix. I used to get the new rentals within three days---and usually two days---of returning the previous rentals. Lately, it's been taking a week or more. Grrr.

I was supposed to run on Sunday morning, but my back was bothering me on Saturday and I really didn't want a repeat of my massive back spasms from about 6 weeks ago. So I skipped and did some gentle yoga instead. That bummed me out because I finally was getting back into the habit of running a couple times a week.

Then, that afternoon, I took my second GRE practice exam, and I improved on the verbal---but I actually did worse on the math! The geometry problems did me in.

Yesterday started out okay, but as I've already whined, it quickly deteriorated after two professors declined my request for a reference (still haven't heard from the third). Then I started to feel crappy and just felt crappier as the day went on. Scratchy throat, scratchy eyes, general fatigue. So I skipped running again last night. Instead, I tried to take a nap. Rowen decided that she needed to nap with me, which seems sweet, but the repeated paw pokings into my stomach and chest were not so sweet. I threw her off the bed three times before finally conceding defeat. I ventured out to the grocery store for some dinner and ice cream, except the store didn't have my favorite ice cream, so I settled for pre-fab cookie dough. Then to the video store for some brain candy, except the video store didn't have Season 3 of Alias (damn you, J.J. Abrams!). I settled for Desperate Housewives, Disc 1 and Wet Hot American Summer instead. WHAS is hysterical and makes me love Bradley Cooper even more and it's not nearly as porno as the title makes it sound.

I tried to end the day on a positive note by going to bed early, but my stomach didn't agree with that plan (damn you, cookie dough!), nor did my brain. I laid in bed, fully awake, thinking about the role of faith during times of transition in my life. The whole thought process was very strange, like I was rehearsing a witness for a retreat. Then, when I finally got through that, Rowen went into high gear. Which is sort of my fault for not having a backyard where she can burn off her energy and not taking her out for exercise last night (But c'mon, I was feeling icky and it was 105 degrees!).

So this morning I'm tired and cranky and generally annoyed with the world, although specifically annoyed with Austin drivers and the people who keep coming into my office without any chocolate for me.

And I don't anticipate things getting any better today/tonight. After work, I have an appointment downtown and then it's straight to a meeting at church. The meeting is two hours long, which is much longer than a meeting that takes places every other week really should be. And it's not even that we have so much to discuss or do. We just have a few members who really, really like the sound of their own voices and organizers who think we have to include everyone and every topic on the agenda every single time.

So Rowen isn't going to get any exercise again today, which means that she'll be bouncing off the walls again tonight.


At 12:09 PM , Blogger Liz said...

Too bad you guys don't live close to me. Rowen and Alex would tear it up. ;-)

At 12:24 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

Aargh, meetings...Hope you feel better.


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