Thursday, September 22, 2005

Running Report: The Running from Rita Edition

Really, I think Austin just feels left out. Because that's the only way to explain how worked up people are getting about the hurricane that isn't going to hit us.*

On to the Report! I'm in Week 3.

Sunday: 2/3 run-walk intervals for 25 minutes. One small hill. Still not the most fun thing I've ever done, but didn't suck quite as much.

Wednesday: 1 mile at 13:20 pace on treadmill while watching Fox News reporting on an emergency plane landing at LAX and wondering whether they would really show a live plane crash. A circuit on the weights. I am a weakling. Returned to the treadmill where Fox News was still waiting for the plane to land. 5 minutes of fast walking with a small incline. The plane landed safely. I'm sure Fox will find someway to give Bush credit for that.

*Yeah, I know I'm talking about it as much as anyone else, but I have so few things to talk about. And one of the symptoms of ASD is fixation/obsession on a topic.


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