Thursday, September 15, 2005

Running Report: Week 2

Sunday: Ran another 13:20 mile on the treadmill at the gym, then a circuit on the weights and 10 minutes on the elliptical machine. Didn't suck nearly as much as the time before. Apparently a wild greens salad with salmon makes a better prerun meal than potato chips do. Who woulda thunk?

Thursday: 4/1 run-walk intervals for 15 minutes, then run 1, walk 2, run 2 for the final five minutes. Every footfall was worse than the one before it. I think I have to swallow my pride and go back to the basics (i.e., 1/1 or 2/3 intervals). I also may have to dig into my savings for a new pair of runners. My arches hated me even more than my thighs did.

Rest of the week was a lazy, lazy waste.


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