Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekend Unplans

Because I don’t actually have any good plans for this weekend---or any plans at all---how about a list of what I’m not going to do:

* I am not going to buy, read, or in any way partake in the release of the new Harry Potter book. Unless avoiding bookstores at all costs until Sunday counts as “partaking.” I'm not even going to link the title in this post. I have nothing against the little wizard, but at this point, it’s become a source of pride to be one of the few to have never read any of the Potter books. Sort of like my pride in having not seen the complete Star Wars series. (I did give in to the hype to see the first in the second series---I can never remember the name of it---and I was coerced into watching the one with the little furry guys---can’t remember their name, either---but really only saw a small part of it. Ewoks! That’s what the furry guys are called.) I may be missing something good or interesting, but I’m willing to live with that.

* I am not going on any dates. Especially with Michael Schaub or Marc Blucas. Because despite my Google stalking of them, they don’t know I exist. And I haven’t found their home addresses. Yet.

* I am not writing the Great American Novel. I may however work on my own novel or on one or more of the op-eds I need to get done by the end of the month.

* I am not going anywhere near the following establishments: Barnes & Noble, Bookpeople, Borders, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s Crafts, Old Navy, or any other place that will accept small plastic rectangles in exchange for goods.

* I am not giving up on the GREs.

* I am not watching Buffy, Season 3, Disc 4. Because Netflix and the postal system both suck. I may watch the rest of Arrested Development’s first season. Why didn’t anyone tell me how absolutely funny that show is? Okay, so every critic in the United States has been saying it. But still. So funny.

* I am not listening to any music from Napster, because I’ve discovered that I have the wrong type of MP3 player. And, of course, in the six months since I bought my player, the price of the good players has done down from three gazillion dollars to closer to my price range (although $200 is still more than I would pay for an itty bitty music player).

* I am not going to do anything that will get me hospitalized, pregnant, arrested, or dead. Because I am boooooring.


At 11:13 AM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

I've never read a Harry Potter book either, except for the first few pages of the first one.

Check out the '80s music quiz on my blog :)


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