Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm a Superhero!

Stealing again from Bearette24 (who stole from someone else).

Your Superhero Identity For Today Is

Name: Scary Flame
Secret Identity: Lisa
Special Power: Bionic Blast
Transportation: Electric Rollerblades
Weapon: Dimensional Grenade
Costume: Carbonite Helmet
Sidekick: Samwise
Nemesis: Marvin the Puzzler
Tragic Flaw: Narcolepsy
Favorite Food: French Fries

I guess it's better than being Scary Spice. And I am tired. And I do have a craving for tots, which are kind of like fries, but better. But I love that Samwise is my sidekick, because he's my favorite hobbit.

So who are you today?


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