Thursday, July 07, 2005

God Bless the English

Because they know how not to let the bastards get them down.

Two dispatches (via Bookslut): David Plotz and Warren Ellis.

It's a stark contrast to the reaction on Sept. 11. At the time, I was living about one mile from the Pentagon, so the attacks hit close to home, both literally and emotionally. And I remember the absolute hysteria in the hours and days after the attacks. Our lives came to a standstill. Our government vowed revenge, starting on the war path before we even had a clear idea of who was responsible.

Which made the terrorists' victory that much more sweet. Not only had they killed several thousand people in a single day, but also they had permanently changed the fabric of our lives. They stopped our air traffic, closed down our offices, and rendered us temporarily helpless.

Londoners know better. Whether it's because they are more accustomed to bombs and threats, because their history assures them that the bad times will come and Britannica will survive, or because they simply have a more stoic disposition, they are not rushing to the streets. Tony Blair is not declaring war. Except for a disruption in public transportation, life is mostly going on as usual. They aren't letting the terrorists win.

God bless 'em.


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