Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dead Germans

Which Dead German Composer Are You?

I'm Franz Schubert*:

"Franz Schubert is, without a doubt, the leader of the lieder. He composed over 600 songs in his lifetime, though he only lived into his early thirties. He did a good deal of chamber music and symphonic writing as well, though a good portion of this is incomplete. Schubert was rather secretive in his lifestyle and about his compositional processes; he was shy to show anything he didn't himself enjoy. Fortunately, he along with everyone else found his own melodies to be beautiful."

The quiz is fun, even if I don't know my musical periods (how come 80s wasn't a choice?).

Thanks to Bearette24 for the link. And for reading. For now. Ethan disappeared. I chased off Joe. And the Pall has been cast on the others. Be warned, Bearette24!

*And really desperate for something---anything---to post.


At 12:31 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

I agree, the '80s should have been a choice!

At 1:10 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

There was plenty of great music coming out of Germany in the 80s---Falco, Nena, . . .

Okay, so I can only think of two. And I don't think either of them are dead or are composers. But still!


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