Friday, July 08, 2005

Weekend Plans

So this week, just for kicks, I decided to pay my bills before I went to the craft store. Which means that I’m actually paying all my bills---and most of them on time, for once---but I won’t be going to the craft store. Not such a bad thing. I won’t be able to do much journal making for a couple of weeks, but I have plenty of other projects to work on. I went on one of my cleaning fits last weekend and organized all my craft stuff and found a bunch of craft kits and yarn and whatnot for projects that I’ve meant to do, some of which I’ve carted through more than one continent.

Friday Night
* Ditching work as early as possible to take the puppy to the dog park. Hoping that last night’s rain replenished the creek a little bit. Rowen is the only dog I’ve ever known to like thunderstorms. Rain, she of course loves, because it’s just a puddle coming from the other direction. But she’s also fascinated by the thunder and lightning. She’ll whine and pout until I take her outside and then just stand there. In an open field. Near wires. And a metal fence.
* Yoga with Naomi.
* DVDs and crafty stuff. Please, please let the Buffy DVD be in the mail today! A combination of slowness at Netflix and the post office has seriously hindered my addiction.

* An early walk with Rowen. We both have cabin fever in a bad way, so I might venture out to one of the state parks.
* Housecleaning.
* Holing up inside the apartment so I can (a) stay cool and (b) not spend any money.
* BUFFY SING-ALONG! Meeting some folks from Meet in Austin to go to the Buffy Sing-Along at the Alamo Drafthouse. I’m not sure which is more exciting---going to the sing-along or actually leaving the apartment on a Saturday night. Bonus: The warm-up is a Riley episode!

* Another early walk with Rowen.
* Gym for some sort of exercise. I’ve finally figured out some of the resistance machines, so I’m trying to incorporate more of those. And I still want to try the Latin Spice class.
* Taking a GRE practice exam.
* More hanging out at home, trying not to spend any money. I have a huge pile of reading and that pile o’ crafts. So I should have plenty to keep me busy.

So, basically the same as usual. Sigh.


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