Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Stuff Going On

The weather is less-than-frightful --- one can almost feel Spring trying to push its way in --- so no more excuses:


I went to the running store today and got a new pair of running shoes. Getting fitted for shoes is always an adventure: my right foot is almost a full size longer than my left foot, but my left foot has a super-high bridge that often requires various adjustments and wide sizes and such.

When I was trying on different sizes, the salesgirl pulled out a different color shoe in the larger size, so she asked if I minded what color it was.

Me: "I'm not exactly going for high fashion when I'm out on a run."
Salesgirl: "Oh, thank God."

I guess a lot of people pick their shoes based on the color. Me? When I'm running, I'm red-faced and frizzy-haired, sucking wind and pouring sweat. The last thing I'm worried about---and the last thing I'm sure anyone is looking at---is the color of my shoes.

In other stuff going on, I've been a fairly productive knitter of late, even if I'm not working my way through my UFO pile.

I finished a hat:

The pattern was straight-forward---wide-wale rib-knit---but with a little bit of a twist with the reverse rib to make it interesting.

But I don't have any scarves that go with a red hat, so . . .

This scarf will also solve the problem of not having anything to go with another hat that I made a couple years ago but almost never wear because I don't have anything to go with it.

I, however, really do need to finish the sweater for my nephew. I'm going to visit him (and other family members) this weekend to celebrate his first birthday. So for the next two days, about all I'll be doing is knitting and grading 73 midterm exams.


At 8:38 AM , Blogger artemisia said...

Pretty, pretty!

Glad you got some shoes. When I do get my butt to the gym to "run" I feel so much better.

I love that hat! What is your favorite yarns to knit with? Or, what is your most frequently used? (My favorites are well outside my everyday budget.)

At 7:30 AM , Blogger Charitie said...

That is a cute Rowan picture. And aren't those shoes the same color anyway?

You do not have to match your hat and scarf perfectly you know. But you should make something to go with the awesome red hat.

At 10:28 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

The same color as each other, but not the same color (blue) as the first pair that I tried on.

Artemisa---I'm a fan of Cascade Peruvian wool. Easy to work with and usually under $7/skein (and the skeins are generous; you could easily make two hats out of one, or a scarf from two). I've also been using a lot of Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton for my nephew and also love her Cashmerino.


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