Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Blog? What blog?

So I've been a bit busy this term. Every single term, I think to myself, "The next one will be better. Not so crazy and stressful and draining." And every single term, I'm wrong.

This term should be easier than the ones before; I'm taking only two courses, one of which is a lecture class on archiving and I can mostly get away with not doing the reading for it. But I'm also TAing and working a second job, and I wrote four grant proposals, and I am trying to write two prelims and applying to library school.

But next term! Should be so much easier. Or so I keep telling myself.

I'm attempting to make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Pies are my nemesis. Or, more specifically, crusts are my nemesis. I can never seem to get them to just the right thickness where they cook through but aren't so thin that they burn or get holes.

I'm also making my traditional corn pudding, stuffing, and roasted green beans.

I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, but just a few school friends are coming over, so not overly stressful. Other than the pie.

I was in New Orleans last week. The major perk of my second job---other than being able to pay my bills---is getting sent to the African Studies Association conference. I didn't get to see too much of the conference itself because I was mostly working in the exhibit hall, but I did make a few good contacts and I was able to grill some Africanist librarians on their jobs, the state of the field, and what I need to do to make myself a strong job candidate.

I thought I wouldn't care much for New Orleans because I don't like lots of noise, crowds, and chaos. And I would definitely not go there during Mardi Gras, but I would like to go back. The food is amazing. I had raw oysters for the first time---yum!---and beignets and crawfish etouffee and seafood gumbo. And I'd love to see some of the museums and the garden district.

I have several Amazon packages sitting in my closet, and I'm not allowed to open them until Christmas! Torture!

I think one of them may be a Wii; I had asked for either that or a dresser, and none of the packages are big enough to be a dresser. Unless my mother bought me an inflatable dresser. Hmmmm.


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