Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Five

Another Friday. Another random list of assorted thoughts.

1. Let's start with the good news: I finally heard back on research funding for the summer. And they like me. They really like me! I got both research grants that I applied for, as well as funding for summer language training. So I'm definitely going to Malawi to start "exploratory" research. And I got funding for the next academic year, so I guess I won't quit grad school just yet.

2. But according to Liz the Librarian's list, I'm missing my true calling. Seriously, I'm such a library nerd that I've started doing my friends' research for them. Not that they've asked me to do their research, but when they tell me that they are struggling with their projects, I just can't resist finding a few references for them.

3. Rowen has decided that she's afraid of umbrellas. She gets very upset at the mere sight of my umbrella leaning against the wall. If I dare to use the umbrella while taking her outside, she pulls away as far as her leash will allow and never takes her eyes off the horrible, terrible, no-good object. Her latest neurosis would be a lot cuter if we hadn't been having a week of nonstop rain.

4. Speaking of weather: The forecast for tomorrow? Is for snow. Seriously. In April. In the MIDDLE of April. This winter is never going to end.

5. My latest pet peeve: The misuse of "that" in clauses. For example, "The person that works in that store always wears too much perfume." People! When referring to a person, the correct relative pronoun is who. Or whom, if the person is the object of the clause. I'm starting a campaign against the rampant misuse of relative pronouns. We cannot let this scourge on humanity persist! Who's with me?


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