Friday, January 18, 2008

TFIG---And Quals Are Over!

I'm Done!

I finished my qualifying exams.


I won't get the results for at least a month---bummer!---but I've done all I can and just have to hope for the best (and maybe decide on a Plan B).

So now I have three days to turn off my brain before classes start. I have a stack of magazines with pretty, pretty pictures to look at while I ignore anything that resembles reading (unless it's about Britney, because I'm totally obsessed with that mess). And I finally got a television! I haven't had a television at home since I got back to the States nearly four years ago. But I've been missing it and I really want to watch Project Runway and The Wire. And a friend was selling his for super-super cheap. So . . . And then I called my Internet provider to find out what kind of package deal I could get for cable, and I wound up getting the super expanded cable for just $20 more than I'm paying for Internet service. So . . . I've got a TV! With cable! Oh, Tim Gunn, how I've longed for thee!

Anyway, this is way more writing than I really want to do at this point. I'll catch up with y'all later. Off to let my brain rot!