Monday, June 04, 2007


On the Apartment

I found someone else to rent the apartment, just in the nick of time. I had to bring my asking price down a bit to get her to sign, which means I'm still paying part of the rent, but the major crisis has passed.

On the Headaches

They seem to have disappeared at about the same time that I found the new renter.

On the Foot

This little problem, unfortunately, has not been resolved. My left foot is still hurting. Strangely, it hurts less when I run than when I walk. And soft surfaces seem to help it. So running on the wood chip path at the dog park felt fine, footwise (although my lungs and hamstrings were hating me on the hills). But afterward, I was limping for the rest of the day. The pain seems to be centered on the top of the foot, wrapping around the outside arch and ankle.

As much as I hate to lose my momentum, I'm taking the week off running to see if the problem will clear up on its own. If by the end of the week, the foot is feeling better, then it's just a matter of toughing through the miles and getting a better pair of shoes. If it isn't . . . well, I'm trying not to let myself think about that possibility. Because that would mean that someone bad is going on, and I don't have any health insurance over the summer.

Ah, the life of a grad student! I love grad school. I really do. But some days I'm so tempted to go back to the working world, where I wasn't as challenged and happy, but I knew I could pay my bills each month, my days and weeks had ends, and I could see a doctor any time of the year.


At 5:41 PM , Blogger T. said...

There is a degree of happiness to knowing bills will be paid, I don't care what people say. And health insurance is soooo important. I don't know how many times Andy wouldn't go to the doctor because he couldn't afford the office visit and medicine. No one should live this way!

Please take care of your foot; maybe it is just a tendon that is inflamed?

At 12:06 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

where are you???

At 8:19 PM , Blogger Scott said...

Is it a little bit of the plantar faciatus (sp)?? Hope it feels better soon.


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