Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aches & Pains

I've been having the most horrendous headaches this past week. Gee, wonder why?

Although the headaches may also be from the high pollen count and the humidity. In any case, they are killer. Enough to make me lose my appetite, which is a huge rarity for me. The times that I can remember losing my appetite:
* When I had the flu and a 103 degree fever.
* When I had malaria and a 103 degree fever.
* When I had the stomach flu. (I have since learned that there is no such thing as a stomach "flu." Influenza has no intestinal form. Stomach "flu" is actually usually any of a number of other, much more disgusting bacterial or parasitical infections.)
* When I accidentally rear-ended someone's car and was so horrified that I had hurt someone that I stopped eating and sleeping for about two weeks.

In other words, it takes a lot for me not to want to eat.

I'm also a little limpy from some foot problems. I finally started running regularly again, but my shoes are about three years old and their best days have come and gone. I really need a new pair, but with the prospect of having to pay two rents and a mortgage this summer, new runners just may not be in the budget (I'm not sure food and electricity will be in the budget!). I'm hoping the pain is just soreness from bad shoes and being out of shape, and not anything more serious. Yesterday, I could barely walk across the room without intense pain through my arches, toes, and ankles. Stretching and resting my feet today seems to have alleviated the worst of the pain. I'm hoping to be able to buck up enough to get back out tomorrow. Because the one "benefit" of the stress of the past week is that it has been driving me to some decent runs. (And running is helping me to deal with the stress.)


At 9:13 PM , Blogger T. said...

I hope your feet start to feel better; you need to keep up with this healhty outlet! I am impressed!

Hang in there!


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