Friday, September 09, 2005

Little Bits of Random Stuff

I'm going to try really, really hard not to be so angry and depressed today. But I make no promises, because I no longer even try to predict the depths of evil to which the Bushies will descend.

Although I'm trying to pull myself out of depression, my dog seems to be getting worse. She's still all sorts of loving and sweet and laps up any and all attention that I give to her, but she hasn't eaten in two days and is more mopey than usual. Granted, she's a total drama queen. But I'm getting worried.

Even though most of my attention has been on the nonstop Katrina coverage, I have poked into the gossip sites enough to do insanely well on the Radar Gossip Quiz (10/12). Poor Tara. She's too trashy even for E!.

And finally, stealing from Poppy Cedes, which is a way more interesting blog than this one:

Logical Infiltration and Sabotage Android

My cyborg name is kind of accurate in a wannabe sort of way. Get your own here.


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