Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fighting the Man

The family of pioneering astronaut Gus Grissom has been trying to get NASA to give them his 1961 Mercury spacesuit. NASA says the suit is government property and an artifact that should be kept at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Florida.

Enter Amanda Meyer, space enthusiast and co-captain of her school's debate team. She believes she has a compromise and, after launching an Internet petition drive, has spent the summer writing and calling NASA, the Smithsonian Institution, Congress and anyone else she can think of. (From CNN)

Okay, so this isn't going to save the world. But how awesome is it that a 15-year-old girl is doing this? And how smart is she, too? She came up with a compromise to have the Smithsonian "lend" the suit to the Grissom museum. Too bad the "adults" in government aren't as smart and caring as Amanda Meyer.

Go sign her petition, if only to encourage Amanda to stay smart and keep caring.


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