Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend Plans: Growing On Up!

Cleaning my apartment and managing my bank accounts are my two least favorite things to do. Well, besides figuring out the area of a triangle, going to a crowded bar, having my annual exam, . . . Okay, let’s just say that they are among my least favorite things to do.

But they are things that grown-ups are supposed to do. Well. And on a regular basis. And seeing as I am heading toward 30 faster than I care to think about (314 days and counting down), I should be a grown-up. I don’t feel like a grown-up, though, and I think it’s because my apartment still looks like my dorm room and I’m still playing Guess My Balance with my checking account.

So enough with nurturing my inner child. This weekend, I’m going to be a grown-up.

On the agenda:
* Yoga. I’m paying for it. I really ought to go. It’s the responsible, grown-up thing to do.
* Knitting. I’m making my first attempt at an afghan. If it comes out well, it will be a Christmas gift for my parents. If it comes out poorly, Rowen will have a new blankie and I can reclaim my bedspread.
* Setting up the money manager program on my computer. Again. If I can figure out how to erase all the old stuff. Anyone know how to do that?
* Paying bills.
* Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
* Laundry.
* Finding a Halloween costume for Rowen. Because being a grown-up doesn’t mean that I’m not still a dork.
* Running. Really. After all, if I’m a grown-up, I have to start worrying about things like cholesterol and blood pressure.
* Studying for the GRE.
* Working on personal statements for grad school applications.
* Reading, reading, reading.
* A movie. But only if I’m really, really good about doing all my chores. There’s still one theater playing The Wedding Crashers. And In Her Shoes and A History of Violence are on my to-see list.

That’s about it. Lots of boring, grown-up-type stuff.

Any chance I can skip the grown-up phase and go right to the old fogy phase when people start telling me that I can’t do my banking and housecleaning myself and all they want me to do is watch television and knit?

Update: On a less than grown-up and responsible note, I also will again enter the dangerous world of home hair coloring this weekend. As loyal readers may remember, my previous attempts at coloring my hair at home have been less than successful. I was able to do a repair job, but now that my hair has a couple months of growth, the color is getting weird again because the colors aren't fading at the same rate, giving me a kind of solar eclipse effect. So I'm going to try to even it out with an all-over rinse and hopefully not make it even worse.


At 7:28 AM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

Before and after pics, please! I'm starting to get grays so I may as well become acquainted with the world of hair coloring.

At 10:03 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

Well, I didn't take any pics. Sorry! But the Feria did a good job of evening out my color, so now I just look like I have some subtle blonde highlights, instead of bright yellow patches.

I actually kind of like the color now!


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