Friday, August 26, 2005

True Confessions/Weekend Plans

I’ll just come out and admit the following:

I’m listening to John Denver’s “Definitive All-Time Greatest Hits” as I type this. “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” makes me homesick.

I got a coworker to steal a brownie for me from an Indian buffet. Let’s just say that neither of us will be recruited for the CIA.

No matter what I write below, the truth is that I’ll probably spend the entire weekend watching Alias. I never should have rented the first DVD. Now, even though it is so bad, I’m sucked in. It’s 24 all over again.

Friday Afternoon/Evening
* Stop at the library to pick up two books that are on hold for me: Collapse by Jared Diamond and American Dream by Jason DeParle.
* Take a post-work nap
* Ignore the pile of library books and other books and magazines.
* Watch DVDs instead. Other than Alias, I have Vera Drake, Hoosiers, and Buffy Season 5 Disc 2. I'm quickly running out of Riley episodes.
* Maybe go to the gym. Maybe.

* Take Rowen to the dog park. I’ve had to keep her isolated for more than a week because I suspect that she had kennel cough (I didn’t take her to the vet for confirmation because I didn’t want to spend $30 on an office visit only to be told that it just has to run its course. And, yes, she has been vaccinated, but vaccines aren't 100 percent effective), so she is literally bouncing off the walls.
* Clean the kitchen and bathroom.
* Launder my clothes and sheets and towels.
* Obsessively check the electric meter to see whether having a new a/c unit installed made any difference.
* Pay my bills. Most of which are overdue.
* Escape the heat at a movie matinee. Followed by a trip to the bookstore to read the gossip magazines. Although, really, there hasn’t been much good gossip lately. Even the celebs are taking August off. Or maybe my apathy is getting worse. I just can't make myself care about Vince and Jennifer.

* Go to the gym in the morning.
* Take Rowen to the dog park again.
* Go into work to make up some time from this week and get my office in order before I go on vacation.
* Go to church. I’m signed up to man the social justice committee booth at the ministry fair after mass.

Are you as bored reading this as I am writing it? And if I were smart, although we’ve established that I am not, I would save this so I wouldn’t have to retype it each week. Seeing as it’s the same thing every single weekend. Sigh.


At 8:32 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

I'm losing interest in Jennifer and Vaughn too. My new issue of Us came and I can't be bothered to open it! I'll probably read it tomorrow though.


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