Friday, August 19, 2005

Weekend Plans

This is another one of those weekends where it would be easier to list what I’m not doing than what I am. Not because I have so much to do, but because I have so little and no idea how to fill the 57 hours.

Anyway, what I do know is . . .

Friday Afternoon/Evening
* Leaving work as early as possibly (hoping for 3.15ish) to go swimming at the gym.
* Spending an evening in with the puppy, some DVDs, a stack of reading, perhaps take out from Whole Foods.

* For once I’m not going to the dog park because Rowen is contagious in a big way. And unlike some people, I won’t take my sick dog where she could infect others. Instead, I’ll get up super early and take her to the greenbelt or McKinney Falls for a walk.
* A trip to the library. I’m going to pay off my fortune in fines and then get me some books. I also need to exchange my Storytime kit for a new one.
* Maybe a movie in the afternoon seeing as it is going to be blessed hot here in Austin.
* Maybe a post-movie trip to the bookstore to read the magazines for free while sipping an ice tea and eating something sweet.

* Taking Rowen to whichever place I didn’t take her on Saturday for an early morning walk. Or maybe around the neighborhood if I’m being lazy.
* Going to the gym for some form of exercise. Most likely the eliptical machine. No weights for another week so that I make sure my back is okay.
* Maybe making it to church for once. It’s been months. Bad me!
* Pax Christi meeting. At which I'm the youngest by at least two decades. Where are all the other faith-based social justice advocates under the age of 50 in Austin? It's the same in all the social justice groups in which I'm involved. We’re watching Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story. I’ve seen the movie before. Didn’t care much for it even though Dorothy Day is one of my heroes. The Long Loneliness is on my list of books that everyone must read.

Other than that, there’s cleaning to do and crafts to make and puttering to putt. Somehow I’ve skipped straight from 25-years old to 80-years old.


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