Tuesday, August 02, 2005

That's It

I'm going to live in a yurt. Because Austin Electric is truly evil.

Last month's bill was scary. This month's bill made me cry.

And I don't understand. I keep my thermostat set at about 83 degrees---and occassionally even higher than that. I don't have any windows open. I keep all the blinds closed all day. I don't turn on a light unless I absolutely have to. I avoid using appliances as much as possible, and I unplug most of them when they aren't in use.

So how is my electric bill so friggin' high? I don't get it.

And they are no longer answering their phones. I either get a busy signal or put on hold for eternity (as defined by more than 10 minutes---at which time, I tried to put the phone on speaker and cut myself off).


At 11:12 AM , Anonymous modam said...

i feel your pain. i keep mine high and lights off, et al and my electricity bill was $83 this month for a small 1BR! outrageous. check this though:

a goo dway to control your bills and help conserve energy

At 11:20 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

Yeah. I downloaded the application for my landlord; I just need to get around to taking it to them for approval.

I wish mine was $83. Try about triple that. For a large one bedroom with a loft.


At 2:55 PM , Anonymous modam said...

holy crap!

At 3:57 PM , Anonymous Lopez! said...

OK, something is defenitely wrong with your bill. We only pay about $95 a month. The thermostat is at about 80 degrees, and the washer/dryer, dishwasher are used frequently. I think the most we've ever paid was a bill for $135 we got during winter. It's 'cause I like to keep it toasty. =)

At 5:54 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

I really feel like there has to be a mistake. Now if I can just get the electric company to respond.

I'll keep you posted on my saga.

At 6:00 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

Update: Someone from Austin Electric is supposed to come out to recheck my meter. And I found out how to check it myself.

I highly recommend calling very first thing in the morning---i.e. before 8 a.m.---much shorter hold time.


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