Friday, July 01, 2005

Weekend Plans: Holiday Edition

A 3 Day Weekend! Woohoo!

Friday Night
How about a 3.5 day weekend? I’m leaving work as early as possible to take the puppy to the dog park for playtime and apologies. I haven’t been in the best of moods for the past two days and have repeatedly told my perfect puppy to go away. So she will get much love---and possibly new toys---this weekend.

Apres-park: Possibly yoga. Although I’m not sure I can deal with rigorous zen tonight. Definitely some DVDs, M&Ms, and working on Max’s book cozy.

* An early walk with the puppy.
* A visit to the West 6th Street Artist’s Market, even though I have no money to spend.
* Shopping on South Congress/South First. See above. But I really want a new purse. My current one is (a) boring and (b) not big enough.
* Maybe a movie. I still want to see Crash and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And supposedly Mysterious Skin is now playing in Austin although I can’t find it listed in the newspaper. Michael Schaub says I must see it, so I must.
* Reading. Writing. Arts & Crafts.

Why can’t every day be a Saturday?

* Another early walk.
* A follow up meeting with a trainer at the gym so that she can tell me that I haven’t lost any weight in the past two weeks. In fact, I think I’ve gained some. This has been a hard week.
* Some exercise at the gym. I still really want to get to the Latin Spice class, but I might settle for the eliptical machine.
* The Book Arts Fair at the Austin Museum of Art--Laguna Gloria.

* Can you guess? Yep. Another early walk with the puppy. Yes, I have been that neglectful.
* Reading. Writing. Arts & Crafts.
* Taking a GRE sample test to see if I have a chance in hell at getting into grad school.
* Housecleaning.
* Skipping the fireworks and trying not to feel like a total loser for doing so.

As always, anyone within spittin'---or driving---distance of Austin is welcome to join me for most of the above activities. The weigh-in is a private event.


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