Monday, July 25, 2005


So I had this idea. Bush is systematically taking apart the Constitution. So far he's stripped out the checks and balances between the three branches, usurped Congress's power, and dismantled the first and tenth amendments. The Supreme Court took care of the fourth amendment.

My idea is for the people to put the Constitution back together. Literally. Through arts and crafts.

The basic plan is this: Each word of the preamble of the Constitution would be made by different people in different ways---cross-stiched, knit, embroidered, painted, quilted, whatever---anything that could be sewn together. The individual words would then be gathered and stitched back together. If a lot of people signed on, we could have multiple versions of each word, stitch those together into a panel and then attach the word panels to each other. The final product would then somehow be presented. This last part would depend on how many people participated. If we only get a few people, then we would just mail it to the White House. If we get a lot, we could probably get some Democratic members of Congress to help put together a press conference.

Ideally, I'd like to have the final product finished in time for the State of the Union (mid-January).

So I'm posting this here for two reasons:
1. To get your opinion on the basic plan.
2. To get your ideas on how I could spread the word about this and get people to participate.

What do you think?


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