Friday, July 22, 2005

Weekend Plans

Because we all know I’m not above begging for attention: Would it kill ya’ll to post a comment?

Friday Night
* Ditching work early---this is why I never have vacation days---to take Rowen to the dog park. I had promised her that we would go last night, but my cupcake experiment went very awry and I spent the whole evening on that instead. So Rowen spent the whole evening positioning herself a maximum of six inches from me to induce the maximum amount of guilt.
* Going with Sandy to hear Gina Chavez sing at La Tazza Fresca (37th & Guadalupe, 9 p.m.).
* Still not watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 3, Disc 4 because Netflix still sucks. I want to write them a nastygram, but my nastygrams are never very effective and then I spend days feeling guilty about sending mean notes. Still . . .

* Taking Rowen to the dog park. Again. She’s really good at the guilt.
* Reading. I’m hooked on Practical Demonkeeping sort of like I was with 24. As I’m reading it, I keep thinking, This is so bad. And you can’t possibly write “Help! I’m trapped in supermarket hell” across the surface of a jar of peanut butter. It won’t fit. But at the end of each chapter, I want to read the next.*
* Craft supply shopping. A new paycheck means a trip to Hobby Lobby. I may also hit one of the better art supply stores.
* Watching Life and Debt.
* Cleaning my apartment. I have more clothes piled on top of my dresser than in it. And my kitchen is on the verge of being condemned.

* Taking Rowen to the dog park. Really, really good at it.
* Going to the gym to work off the cupcakes from last night and today. I don’t even like them that much. But I love all the icing I heaped on top.
* Writing. I have an op-ed submission due August 1. I’ve known about it for, um, two months. So of course I waited until now to start working on it. I also have one due on August 10 that I should start on. Unfortunately, neither of these are paid gigs. But a clip is a clip, right?
* Meeting the Meet In Austin folks for the Austin Symphony in the Park. If it isn’t raining. Or a steam bath. Or if I’m not too tired/lazy/depressed. So, yeah, probably not.

Okay, back to chillin' with John Denver and pondering my lunch options. Sonic or Dog Almighty?

*Catywumpus. Hee! Somehow, I don't think that word will show up on the GRE, though.


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