Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Thoughts

How completely adorable were the kids from Slumdog Millionaire? Even if the nitpicking cynic in me thinks that their presence was a bit of a PR stunt to offset criticism about how they've been treated since the film was released and that they could have been given a little more recognition by those accepting the many, many awards for the movie.

And how completely awkward was Tim Gunn doing interviews on the red carpet? Yikes. I was pained watching Tim try to do small talk with the actors and fail miserably.

And why exactly was Jessica Biel there, and presenting no less? Her last film was two years ago. I think even she was wondering why she was there---that dress, the hair---she looked like she rolled out of bed, wrapped a sheet around herself, popped a Valium, and wandered down the carpet. (On the same note: Melissa George? What has she done lately, besides avoid anything with calories and sunlight?)

Most of the other dresses were nice enough, although I'm a little over one-shoulder, fish tails, and draping. I thought Marisa Tomei's dress looked way too fussy, and Penelope Cruz's was a bit too bridal for my taste. But, as much as it pains me to admit it, I kind of loved Miley Cyrus's dress, and Sarah Jessica Parker's grown-up version of it. And I agree with the Fug Girls that Taraji Henson and Viola Davis were rocking it last night. I disagree with them on Frieda Pinto; I thought her dress was elegant and lovely. But let's face it: Pinto could roll out of bed, wrap a sheet around herself, and wander down the carpet and still look gorgeous.

The awards: I picked correctly in 7 of the 12 categories I posted. And the ones I was wrong about, I was mostly happy to be wrong about because the awards went to the film I actually wanted to win, rather than the one I thought would win.


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