Friday, January 13, 2006

Weekend Plans: Freaky Friday Edition

More like foul Friday. Among the things making me want to hide under the covers today:

* After a week of ignoring my mother’s phone messages, she finally caught me this morning by calling my cell phone while I was on the way to work. I first assumed that something was wrong at home because she never calls me on a weekday morning. Nope, all is fine at home. Then I thought, “Maybe she’s worried because she hasn’t heard from me in more than a week.” I usually talk to her twice a week. But, no, not that either. She didn’t seem particularly concerned about me---or even interested in me at all. The reason for her phone call: The Wedding. We just HAD to get the details finalized for my sister’s bridal shower. This wedding is seven months and 2,000 miles away from me and I’m already tired of it. She’s getting married, not receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. And, well, I have a life. Or, at least, I’m starting to.

* Speaking of The Wedding, I went to the craft store yesterday to look for a cross-stitch project to make as a shower gift. And to get myself an eyelet setter and eyelets. Well, I got the setter and eyelets. I also got yet another paper sample packet, a pack of pewter ribbon holders, several pewter embellishments, a skein of yarn, some ribbon, metal glue . . . but did not get the cross-stitch project. It wasn’t the worst craft-store binge I’ve gone on, but I have a major shopping hangover. Oops.

* So at lunch I gave in to my annoyance and self-pity and tiredness and self-loathing and had a big ol’ plate of cheese and bean nachos and a cheese quesadilla smothered in sour cream. Didn’t solve any of my pre-lunch problems and now I think I can actually feel my stomach rolls growing. Blech.

I also almost got taken out by a postal van on my way back from lunch.

Here’s hoping the weekend gets better.

Friday Evening
* Spinning class. My trainer kicked my butt yet again on Wednesday, and while I was gasping for breath and wondering if I’d ever feel anything below my waist again, she made me promise to go to this class tonight. After what I had for lunch (and breakfast---chai and a muffin from Starbucks), I think I need this class no matter how much I want to crawl into bed.
* Crawling into bed. I’ll probably try to shower first, but maybe not. It’s just me in there.

* If I can walk, I’ll take Rowen out for a hike in the morning. If I can’t, we’ll be at the dog park.
* Naps. Many, many naps.
* Writing my personal statement for my final grad application.
* Reading Marley and Me. I’m not sure how I feel about this book so far. It’s engaging in a way, even though I feel like it ought not be. But I’m not sure I’d recommend it unless you really like dogs and are interested in the minutia of their breeding, behavior, training, health, etc.
* Taking my own dog to obedience class and hoping that it goes better than last week. I’m not sure what got into Rowen last Saturday. She was already acting strange when we went to the dog park; she wasn’t at all interested in playing fetch, whereas normally she’ll fetch for days. Or until she remembers that there’s a creek for her to swim in. She kept trying to hide among the cars in the parking lot. I took her down to the creek, hoping that the water would perk her up---she loves the water---and it eventually did. But she took an abnormally long time (as in, more than 0.000000001 seconds) to get in the water and wasn’t all that interested in any of the other dogs or people, when normally she can’t say hello fast enough. We went straight to class after the park, and she was a little more lively---saying hello to Abby (the Boston terrier), and putting her head in Sadie Mae’s mouth (the trainer’s rottweiler). She was a bit mischievous during the first exercise, but still way too calm for her. Then we went out to the aisles to do some exercises (the classes are in a pet store), and Abby’s mom was practicing calling Abby with the horn on her wheelchair. Rowen just freaked. She tucked her tail under, stared at the back of the store, and started shaking. I tried taking her to a different aisle to calm down, but she wasn’t having any of it. The only place she would go was out of the store. I tried enticing her with toys and treats, but she would just try to scrunch herself under the display shelves. She didn’t even want to be hugged or snuggled. Every once in a while, she would perk up a bit, but if I tried inching her closer to the aisle where we had started, she would bolt in the opposite direction. I finally gave up and put her back in the training ring, and she crawled right under the stools and pressed herself against the wall, still shaking, still refusing treats or any enticements to come out. By that time, I was completely freaked as well. This was not my sweet Rowen. She had heard the wheelchair horn before and was very good about not reacting as Abby’s mom wheeled past her or honked the horn. So I’m not sure what got her so upset this time and why even removing her from the situation didn’t help. Or why she was so lethargic at the park. She seems to be all better---except for getting scared by a bicycle on our walk last night---but we’ll see what happens.
* Watching DVDs and knitting. There are some movies in the theater that I want to see, but I think I may have to live small this weekend to make up for the craft-store spree.

* Gym.
* A lunch meeting for the church subcommittee. Pray for me.
* More naps.
* Making up work hours.
* More DVDs and knitting.
* More reading.

It should be a mostly low-key weekend. Which is exactly what I want.


At 2:23 PM , Blogger bdogg_mcgee said...

Were the nachos from Taco Cabana?

I love Taco Cabana's bean and cheese nachos--especially with the black beans.

There's not one even remotely near us up here so I haven't had Taco C in AGES....

At 2:33 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

They were indeed. Yummy going in, but my tummy is oh-so-unhappy now.

But yet another reason for you to visit us in Austin.

At 6:00 AM , Blogger LostInTX said...

Please, If you come we'll go to a good mexican restaurant and reserve taco c for the after-drinking-food-cravings. At that point, who cares right?

I try not to eat there unless it's an emergency. Really. It makes me sick every time. They removed them from the Valley (where I used to live) and when I came to Austin I went crazy. Until my stomach started acting up...

At 10:05 AM , Blogger bdogg_mcgee said...

There's a place on South First called Polvo's that I absolutely adore. Best ceviche and queso ever!!!

At 5:38 PM , Blogger Liz said...

I checked out Marlet and Me from the library, but I didn't read it for fear that Marley dies at the end. And that? Would cause a major emotional breakdown in my house.

At 11:24 PM , Blogger Number Twelve said...

Hope Rowen's doing better and back to her sweet, normal, self!

At 7:11 AM , Blogger Frema said...

I miss low-key weekends. Hope yours worked out for the best.

At 11:22 AM , Anonymous crystal said...

How did I miss that you live in Austin?! How cool is that?! I could pass by you every day and not know it.

At 12:48 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Hi Crystal,

There's one other Austinite that I know of on here, as well---La Vida Loca.

Drop me a line at We've got a blogger encounter coming up at the end of the month and I can fill you in if you are interested.


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