Friday, August 19, 2005

Your Morning Outrage

Remember my girl-crush on Jennifer Weiner? Still going strong.

Understand that I’m thrilled to be thought of as the apotheosis of anything. It’s a much cooler title than working mother. I also think Lucy would get a kick out of being referred to as “spawn” (nicely Satanic undertones, plus a little more decorous than “crotch dropping.”)

On a related note: What the heck?

Teri Polo and Peri Gilpin spread the Love in a Lifetime original movie. The duo is set to star in For the Love of a Child, a chick flick based on the true story of two Nobel Peace Prize nominees who rescue abandoned and abused children. The tearjerker airs in January. (from E!)

Okay, so it's a Lifetime movie. But calling a movie about two Nobel Peace Prize winners saving abused children a chick flick? And if it happened to be two men in the lead, would it be a buddy flick? I think not.


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