Thursday, August 18, 2005

Apartment Managers

They are going on my list of bad people. Along with car dealers, health club salesmen, and the person at AOL who kept me on the phone forever trying to convince me to stay with them even though I had explained that I was moving to a small African nation.

Two days ago, I called to ask when my a/c filter had last been changed and was told that it hadn't been changed for at least as long as I have lived in the apartment. Today, when I called to find out the exact date of the last change, someone else swore that the filters were changed every three months. Except I've never gotten a slip saying that someone has entered my apartment, which they are required to leave.

Anyway, they are now going to check the a/c unit itself to see if there are any leaks or maintenance issues.

Anyone have any other ideas on what could be causing my electric bill to be so high?


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