Friday, August 05, 2005

Weekend Plans

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Which means I’m going to be snorin’. As if I weren’t enough of a shut-in*, today’s gloomy skies and rain are a good excuse to curl up in bed with stacks of reading material and some DVDs. And starting at approximately 3:23 p.m., that’s exactly where I’ll be. Or I’ll be standing outside in the rain trying to convince Rowen that standing outside during lightening storms and saying hello to skunks are both very bad ideas. Maybe I’ll just give her another one of my shoes to eat.

The rest of the weekend is more amorphous. Among the things I plan to do sometime between this evening and Monday morning:

* Take the car to a mechanic for a fluid check/change and an inspection.
* Drive Rowen to the dog park and set her free.
* Take Rowen to the groomer so her coat will be a little less stinky and her nails will be a little less lethal. This also will double as her birthday gift from her grandparents who are enabling my descent into crazy spinsterhood by sending birthday cards to my dog. They also send me cards from my dog. Wonder where I got the crazy from . . .
* Come into the office to make up a couple of missed hours from this week.
* Stalk Michael Schaub, who has foolishly given me a clue as to his home address.
* Play with various arts and crafts. I thought I had the book cozy all done, but when I took it off the needles and wrapped it around the book, I discovered that I did indeed have a very nice book cozy. If I wanted to cover the OED. Unabridged.
* Clean my bathroom. Ick.
* Clean out my fridge. Ew.
* Go the gym. I might even exercise while I’m there.
* Maybe go to a movie. I kind of want to see The Dukes of Hazzard and Wedding Crashers. I definitely want to see Must Love Dogs. Oh, and Crash and March of the Penguins and Murderball. Let’s upgrade this to a definitely.
* Study for the GREs. Haven’t been so great about actually doing this.
* Obsess about my electric bill.
* Nap.

*I’d be way more offended by this comment if it wasn’t so true.


At 7:54 PM , Anonymous modam said...

the lady doth protest too much, mehtinks.

or may it is that i offend.

lah, tee , dah

fear not, i too am spending a friday night home with a dvd and book, a German movie, no less and a book about baseball.

now what do you say?
and i don't even have a pup to keep me company

At 7:57 PM , Anonymous modam said...

i have ADD and did not even get to the end of that post....DUKES OF HAZARD?! WTF?! surely you jest. Crash, yes. March of Penguins, mos def. DoH? for the love of benjamin ladner!

i think you are surely kidding. ok, i have to go bleach my eyeballs for even reading that

At 1:12 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

I'll lend you my puppy.

And as I said, I'd be offended except that it's so true.


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