Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five

I'm back in Madison and back to regular access to a high-speed Internet line, so I'm back to Friday Five.

1. I'm so proud of myself. I finally---finally!---cleaned out the suitcases full of old clothes that I've lugged from Virginia to Pennsylvania to Texas and then to Wisconsin but never unpacked because (1) the clothes are several sizes too small and/or (2) I don't actually like them anymore. Seriously, I had three suitcases filled with clothes that I haven't worn for at least a year---some for as many as five years. Instead, I now have three garbage bags full of clothes to go to Goodwill and another nearly full bag of trash. Woohoo!

I did keep a couple of items that I really like. Perhaps they'll give me some incentive to lose this weight.

Next project: Finding the bottom of my desk. And maybe finally setting up the printer and scanner that I got from my father back in January (hand-me-downs after he got an upgraded combo).

2. I'm a little worried that by saying this, I'll jinx it: But my balcony garden is going great! My upside-down tomato plant has grown big and bushy and has six---six!---little tomatoes so far, ranging in size from a pea to a golf ball. My basil, chive, and sage plants are also doing well. I was able to get enough from my basil plant to make homemade pesto (yummy!). I think I'll pick up a couple more plants at the farmers' market this weekend. I'd really like to get cilantro, but I haven't been able to find it. Perhaps tarragon and parsley . . .

Do any of you know how to dry herbs for storing?

3. Unfortunately, work on my prelims and proposals has not been as successful. I'm completely devoid of motivation. For almost three years, I've complained about not being able to work on my own research, and now that I can, I've lost interest. I've extended one of my deadlines twice already, and I think my co-advisor is getting a bit irked. Fortunately my advisor and third committee member have been out of the country for most of the summer, so they haven't yet noticed how badly I've been slacking. But I'll have to face up to them soon enough.

4. Sailing---well, that's been mixed results. I've finished the lessons on the tech boats (small, single-sail vessels about the size of a Sunfish sailboat) and have my light rating, which means I can take the boat out by myself on days when the wind is less than 15 mph. So now I need to get out on the boat to practice a bit before I move on to the next set of lessons.

But . . . I hate the tech boat. With a burning passion. It's tiny and unstable; I'm large and clumsy. As a result, I come back from each excursion covered in bruises and abrasions. And sore as hell from squatting for tacks and jibes.

The weather has also been less than cooperative. The wind is either dead or too strong. Or worse, variable.

So I haven't been sailing as much as I had planned or hoped. But I hope to get out a few times next week. If I can pass up to the next level, I can get back in the sloop, which is about twice the size of the tech and a lot more stable (and a lot easier to launch!).

5. A question: Is it appropriate to wear a pants suit to an evening wedding? I'm going to a wedding next weekend, and as noted above, my legs are covered ankle to hip in large bruises and scrapes. Of course, this assumes that I can find a pants suit in the next week that is both affordable and attractive.


At 12:06 PM , Blogger artemisia said...

Woo, gardens! Boo, prelims! I have no advice for you on the prelims, but I will never once criticize your progress. Nope.

I wore a gray pantsuit to my brother's afternoon wedding. I don't think anyone cared.

But we are less formal out west...


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