Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Your Chocolate-Coated Center

From Utne: What does the center of your favorite chocolate say about you?

Almond: Quick thinking and freedom loving, you thrive on change and variety. You can also appear flippant at times, and you may have a tendency to flit from one thing or person to another.

Brazil Nut: Your life appears perfect, and you like to be seen at all the right places. But sometimes, despite outward appearances, you are vulnerable and anxious on the inside.

Caramel, Hard: People can rely on you, and you like to get things done. Routine is important to you. The downside is that you may find it hard to listen to and respect the points of view of others.

Caramel, Soft: You are comfortable and easygoing---too much so sometimes, so you don't get the credit or reward you deserve.

Cherry: You have a lust for life and love. Your energy is incredible. Just watching you makes others feel tired.

Chocolate: You can laugh at yourself and don't take yourself too seriously. You enjoy the game of life and look to the future with healthy optimism.

Coconut: Creative and artistic, you feel drawn to music, dance, and the rhythm of life, but you might appear a bit flighty to others.

Hazelnut: You are a nature lover and rely heavily on your intuition, which often brings you great success. You may have to fight against shyness.

Marshmallow: You are very sociable and like to party and have people around you. The danger is that you can get bored quickly.

Mint: Cool and sophisticated, you have bags of charisma. It's not that you don't want to commit, it's just that life is too exciting and you love your freedom.

Peanut: You are an outdoor kind of person. Time is precious to you and you fit a lot---sometimes too much---into your day.

Pecan: Staying young in body and mind is important to you, and this makes you an appealing and fun-loving person.

Strawberry: A loving and thoughtful person, you are an eternal optimist with lots of love to give. Your generosity means that you are often taken advantage of.

And just a reminder: If you can, buy fair-trade chocolate to support small cacao farmers and help eradicate child slavery on cacao farms.


At 4:33 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

My yoga teacher tonight gave us truffles...mmm.


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